On behalf of SARAWAK FORESTRY Corporation (SFC), we are delighted to invite you to 7th International Hornbill Conference 2017 which will take place on May 16 to 18, 2017, in Kuching (Sarawak), Malaysia. Sarawak prides itself in having eight species of hornbills inhabiting its tropical rainforest. The hornbills, since time immemorial had been featured in the culture and custom of the natives of Sarawak.

The fact that Sarawak is being dubbed as the “Land of the Hornbills” shows the fervour for the hornbills. All the more significant is that the State’s crest manifested in all State’s documents depicts the Rhinoceros Hornbill. Sarawak, through SARAWAK FORESTRY is therefore glad in bringing the conference to Kuching, the capital city, so that the experts and other participants can deliberate, share information and network on the conservation of hornbills in their ranges and habitats.

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