Plant A Tree Program

A community project promoting tree planting @ Totally Protected Areas in Kuching, Sarawak.

In the face of increasing global concern over climate change, destruction of forests and species extinction, join us in improving the environment and let us do our part in taking care of our Mother Nature.  SARAWAK FORESTRY is calling everyone – the dwellers of the earth – to participate in the PLANT A TREE community project at SamaJaya Nature Reserve in Kuching.

PLANT A TREE community project is designed by SARAWAK FORESTRY to encourage public participation to be actively involved in conservation activities and to promote awareness of the full potential of our shared protected areas.

Through this project, we wish to increase awareness and understanding of the conservation value of the totally protected areas,  to test and to demonstrate innovative approaches to promote the involvement of the urban community in nature conservation and sustainable development, with particular emphasis on the rehabilitation of degraded areas through tree planting and finally to establish a model for community participation in nature conservation and sustainable development in an urban setting, to serve as a model for other urban areas.

Through PLANT A TREE community project, the degraded areas in this nature reserve can be restored.

By participating in this project, you are given a chance to buy your own tree and experience planting it by yourself. There is a special kind of connection when you plant something that lives!

Plant A Tree today and we will live in a GREENER earth tomorrow!

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