Poster Presentation Guidelines

Instructions and Guidelines

  • The abstract should be prepared according to the abstract submission guidelines and submitted via the online submission system.
  • Each presenter should bring his/her poster, and display in the form of a printed single large sheet of paper/plastic that can be mounted on a bulletin board/wall marked with his/her poster number.
  • The official language to be used in poster is ENGLISH

Poster Size and Orientation

  • A1 (23.4 inch x 33.1 inch) poster dimensions.
  • Portrait orientation.


  1. Title
  2. Full names and affiliation of all authors. Underline the name of poster presenter.
  3. Include email address of corresponding author.
  4. Introduction, be brief and concise.
  5. Methods (You do not need to go into great detail here; it is often better to include details in figures or graphics)
  6. Results and Discussion
  7. Future directions: If it is appropriate, state what you plan to do next on your project.
  8. Conclusion or Summary
  9. Acknowledgements

General Poster Design Tips

  • Above all, your poster should be easily readable from at least 4-5 feet away. Suggested font sizes are at least 72 point for your title, 48 point for your headings, and around 36 point for your text.
  • Do not use script fonts that are difficult to read.
  • Use color. You want your poster to catch your audience’s attention while looking streamlined and professional.
  • You might use color on graphics, headings, text blocks, borders around text, etc. Posters elements (text and graphics) are often laid out into 3-4 columns.
  • Posters are typically read from top to bottom then left to right.
  • You may refer to these Poster Templates (if needed).

Poster Template 1
Poster Template 2